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Please help spread the word!! And share share share share! The link is here! Jason Brown, the Nevada man accused of adopting dogs in order to torture and dismember them, is currently being held on $70,000 bail. However, recent news reports suggest that he may be able to pay his bail out of a trust fund. 
Found in Brown’s motel room were bloody knives and scissors, dog limbs, four dog heads in the refrigerator, and the decapitated body of a dog in the bathtub. Two of these dogs, Chihuahua mixes named Fernell and McGee, were given to Brown by a woman who was only trying to find them a new home. Brown is believed to have adopted the other dogs through Craigslist. Brown previously confided in a close family friend that he was having urges of rage and had even killed a friend’s dog. He went on to say that killing dogs made him feel high. When asked by the family friend if he was also having these urges toward humans, Brown simply said, “Dogs are good for right now.” 
If we can get 100,000 signatures by Monday August 11, I will hand deliver a hard copy of the petition to Reno Justice Court before Jason Brown’s next court date. Share this petition with your friends and family! Anyone with the ability to share this story on local or national media is encouraged to do so.

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